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1st Rate Services

  • 13600 S.W. 13th Place
  • Ocala, FL 34481
  • 352-566-7817

About Me

Hello everyone,
My name is Don Richardson & I am one of the founders of 1st Rate Services. I am also the website developer/maintainer, and one of the blog post writers for the company. My bio is very long so I will write the short version of why I started using and selling essential oils. I moved to Ocala, Florida in March of 2012 & a few weeks later Julie, my partner in life, joined me. We came from Des Moines, Iowa (where I was born & raised) and have not looked back. I love everything about living in Florida and never want to go back!
5 years after we moved to Florida we started using Essential oils. Julie had used other brands before, but got me to start using them when we met Lori who we ran into at a pet event. She was teaching about the benefits of oils for pets, who knew? That got us very interested and soon after that Julie joined Young Living with Lori as her sponsor. After a short time of using the oils myself and realizing first-hand that they were not just hokum, I joined Young Living to use with our pet business and also in our green cleaning business. Once I used them side by side against a leading bathroom cleaner on my brown stained shower wall, I was convinced that the 100% natural oil cleaners were by far the better product without the use of chemicals! This is why I set up this site and why I tell others about a better non chemical way of living.