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Angela Anderson

  • Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
  • 780-405-4781

About Me

I started with Young Living in September of 2012. I originally had no intention of pursuing the business, but immediately fell head over heels in love with the product and couldn't stop sharing. I am now a Platinum leader and this business allows me to stay at home with my children while earning a full time living, all because I took a chance on a box of oils.

What do I get from this business? So much! A full time wage, lots of free trips, immense personal growth, a sense of purpose and accomplishment and most importantly, some amazing relationships with people I would never have otherwise met. We are a tribe of women taking charge of our financial freedom, personal growth and career path, making our own rules and having an insane amount of fun along the way.

Let me show you how to start your own business for only a couple hundred dollars and then empower you to earn a living doing it.

Come build your own destiny, one drop at a time.